Most magical skills are passed down as learned knowledge from teacher to student. Some are irritable old hermits living in the hills, but most are organizations whether esoteric or exoteric. Mystic arts passed down through a priesthood, questionable arts in a school of astronomy, the higher ranks in a philosophical society, or a traditional academy of sorcery. Others are passed down through secret cults, or in fraternal organizations. Less complex traditions are taught in conjunction with other intellectual training (chemists teaching alchemy, the divination arts of a shaman, etc). The most famous and effective sorcerers have left behind an intellectual tradition through generation after generation of students, similar to the academies of Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle. These are named after a founding sorcerer. Any organization that instructs in one or more esoteric paths and maintains a membership or ranks of brethren can be considered a lodge.

Esoteric Paths

General Elements