Symbolic Ideas

Stolen from someone’s ideas for an Exalted Tarot deck. Will use for archetypes in astrology or other arenas after some purging.

26 trumps -

The Hunter - {Unknown} - Archery - Dawn, Wood (Green), Mars (Battles, Red) The Slave - {Unknown} - Athletics - Night, Fire (Red), Saturn (Endings, Violet) The Censor - {Unknown} - Awareness - Night, Earth (White), Saturn (Endings, Violet) The Autocrat - She Who Lives in Her Name - Bureaucracy - Eclipse, Water (Black), Saturn (Endings, Violet) The Smith - Autocthon - Craft - Twilight, Earth (White), Venus (Serenity, Blue)

The Liar - {Unknown} - Dodge - Night, Fire (Red), Venus (Serenity, Blue) The Empress - {Unknown} - Integrity - Zenith, Earth (White), ? (either Mercury or Mars, in 2E) The Judge - {Unknown} - Investigation - Twilight, Water (Black), Jupiter (Secrets, Green) The Thief - {Unknown} - Larceny - Night, Water (Black), Jupiter (Secrets, Green) The Scribe - {Unknown} - Linguistics - Eclipse, Air (Blue), Venus (Serenity, Blue)

The Prophet - {Unknown} - Lore - Twilight, Air (Blue), Jupiter (Secrets, Green) The Monk - {Unknown} - Martial Arts - Dawn, Water (Black), ? (presumably Saturn, in 2E) The Mother - Cytherea - Medicine - Twilight, Wood (Green), Saturn (Endings, Violet) The Champion - {Unknown} - Melee - Dawn, Fire (Red), Mars (Battles, Red) The Sorceress - {Unknown} - Occult - Twilight, Air (Blue), Jupiter (Secrets, Green)

The Dancer - {Unknown} - Performance - Zenith, Wood (Green), Venus (Serenity, Blue) The Hierophant - Malfeas - Presence - Zenith, Fire (Red), Mars (Battles, Red) The Shield - {Unknown} - Resistance - Zenith, Earth (White), ? (either Mercury or Mars, in 2E) The Traveler - Adorjan - Ride - Eclipse, Wood (Green), Mercury (Journeys, Yellow) The Emissary - Kimbery - Sail - Eclipse, Water (Black), Mercury (Journeys, Yellow)

The Courtesan - {Unknown} - Socialize - Eclipse, Fire (Red), Venus (Serenity, Blue) The Beggar - {Unknown} - Survival - Zenith, Wood (Green), Mercury (Journeys, Yellow) The Shadow - {Unknown} - Stealth - Night, Air (Blue), Jupiter (Secrets, Green) The Falconer - {Unknown} - Thrown - Dawn, Air (Blue), Mercury (Journeys, Yellow) The General - {Unknown} - War - Dawn, Earth (White), ? (presumably Mars, in 2E)

The Fool - The Neverborn - Calibration, upheaval, loss

The Golden Barque of the Heavens (Journeys, Mercury, yellow, air) The Mast (Endurance) - becomes Integrity? The Messenger (Ride) The Captain (Sail) The Ship’s Wheel (Survival) The Gull (Thrown)

The Cerulean Lute of Harmony (Serenity, Venus, blue, wood) The Peacock (Craft) The Ewer (Dodge) The Pillar (Linguistics) The Musician (Performance) The Lovers (Socialize)

The Crimson Panoply of Victory (Battles, Mars, red, fire) The Quiver (Archery) The Gauntlet (Brawl) - becomes War? The Spear (Melee) The Banner (Presence) The Shield (Resistance)

The Forbidding Manse of Ivy (Secrets, Jupiter, green, water) The Key (Investigation) The Guardians (Larceny) The Treasure Trove (Lore) The Sorcerer (Occult) The Mask (Stealth)

The Violet Bier of Sorrow (Endings, Saturn, violet, earth) The Rising Smoke (Athletics) The Crow (Awareness) The Haywain (Bureaucracy) The Sword (Martial Arts) The Corpse (Medicine) ______