Maetah Magic

A form of sorcery particular to the Maetah cultures. It is essentially Traditional Sorcery, infused with the history and surroundings of the Maetah peoples. Since the rise of the theocratic influence in Argaevaligne it’s public use has been limited to rural areas and lodges to the south and west. Since the Church of Thedine has been in power, many sorcerers have been burnt, hung, or buried alive for their practices, and most adepts in the region live in hiding.

In Maetah legend, the earth and its creature were infused with omnessence upon the death of the Maetah creator deity, Amrikol. The sorcerer is one skill in manipulating these energies. Maetah Magick focues on sympathetic and contagion elements, making use of items and and natural elements as material components. Pacts with, and grants from, the spirit realm are frowned upon as the path of the lazy and incompetant. Perhaps coincidentally, the frowning upon these methods is shared by the Church of Thedine.

See Traditional Sorcery