Vijimil’s Hierarchy

Viljimil (Clan of the Mottled Bull) is known throughout magical lodges as a circumspect and devoted scholar who created the most detailed account of known spirits and tales of daemonology: Viljimil’s Hierarchy. While his tome and academic work are renown his magical works are not. As a budding sorcerer he quickly found himself to be lacking the willpower to command all but the base orders of Chlendi spirits and instead devoted himself to more scholarly pursuits.

He spent the majority of his adult life travelling throughout the Rhiat, taking notes and collecting true names from other dweomercrafters, whether they were Heteri shamans, Mindat theurges, or the local herbalist from a pocket community of Chlendi. Viljimil was well into middle age when he finally returned to Asklor to compose the text itself. He enlisted a team of nog servants to attend to his needs, organize texts and keep him provisioned with supplies and sustenance. As a result scholars today argue whether the taxonomical decisions on Heteri beast forms were Viljimil’s actual intent or were pages were taken by his chef to wrap provisions. Viljimil himself is said to have lost his grasp on reality towards the end, haphazardly calling down spirits for clarification, company, and energy to keep writing. Given his lack of skill at abjuration itself, few were surprised when his emaciated husk was found sprawled out over the completed text, quill still in hand, but missing both eyes.

Copies of The Hierarchy are rare, but can be found amongst one or two lodges in most major cities. The tome itself is massive, contained folklore, charts, and drawings in additional the encyclopedia and taxonomy of spirits itself. Though not known if simple ethnocentrism or respect for the author is at cause, but Viljimil’s Hierarchy can only be found written in Chlendi.


(generalized for a variety of systems)

Possession or access to a copy of the Hierarchy provides the following benefits while on hand: