Magical Schools

Magickal Lodges of The Rhiat

The magickal knowledge of Rhiat is preserved, dispersed, and instructed in a number of ways. Individual teachers, often hermits, or sorcerers in remote regions take on small numbers of pupils. Less complex traditions are taught in conjunction with other intellectual training (astronomers teach astrology, priesthood’s mysticism, etc). The most famous and effective sorcerers have left behind an intellectual tradition through generation after generation of students, similar to the academies of Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle. These are named after the founding mage. Other schools develop around a group, or faculty of teaching sorcerers, who specialize in a few of these methods or arcane knowledges.

Miscellaneous Notes

Theoretical Rivalries

The primary division among the magickal lodges is the spritualist/antispiritualist divide. Within each of the perspectives all of the lodges can agree on at least the most general principles.