1.0 Magic Rules

1.1 General LotFP Casting - Test Rules

1.1.1 Risky Casting from LotFP

Save or roll on miscast table for the following conditions - penalty to save for multiple conditions:

1.2 Rules for Magic Traditions

Magic systems come in many forms. Spell lists and abilities will differ slightly for Priest, Shamans, and Magicians of various cultures and for teachings spawned from them. Most of these will be liked from the main mechanics spell section.

Below is an initial method to adapt the Lamentations of the Flame Princecess “Summon” spell to feel a bit more like Chlendi sorcery. We’ve since developed a few spells that fit better, but this is still use full as a “cross the streams” emergency method for contacting the spirit world. Chlendi Spirit Summoning

Chlendi Sorcerers are encouraging use the slowly being generated spell list. This spell still has merit and can be included.

This spell/ritual is largely based off the Summon spell from page 134 of the current (as of Jan 2019) Lamentations of the Flame Princess rules. Situations not covered by this description should be referred to those rules or your core rules.

Unless something goes horribly wrong, which is quite possible, this does not normally rip a hole in space and time. The caster is summoning a spirit with a connection to the current plane, where tied to nature, an object, or material link of the dead.

Once the Summon spell is cast, there are a number of steps to resolve:

  1. The caster chooses the intended Power of the Summoned Entity
  2. The caster makes a saving throw versus Magic
  3. Determine the Entity’s Form - see below
  4. Determine the Entity’s Powers
  5. Resolve the Domination Roll

Step 2: Determine the Entity’s Form:

X.0.0 End Notes

[a]which is pretty much the norm for damage, range, duration, etc