Jungle Obscenities of the South

Campaign Reference

Uod Campaign Concept: Land of the Lost

  1. Core Ethos Sentence: You got more than you bargained for. You’re stuck on this island with shithole village as it’s only claim to civilization. You know there are weird lizard things and horrible bug things to the (cardinal direction) and you still go anyway.
  2. Who are the heroes? Remnants of an expeditionary force, people with delusions of civilizing the natives, agents or apprentices of magical lodges that seek the secrets of the ruins. Thugs collecting for the Jeweler’s Guild.
  3. What do they do? Go on missions for one or more patrons, clear hexes and ruins.
  4. Threats, Conflicts, Villains: Lizardfolk that aren’t always good, giant swoopy things with wings, Bugfolk that aren’t always bad. Things I steal from Thundarr. Plus anything with tentacles, slimy exteriors, or superfluous eyes.
  5. Nature of magic: You summon spirits to do you bidding, answer questions, or occasionally possess friend or foe. Alchemical concoctions and potion miscibility.
  6. What’s new? What’s different? Shawn is making up NPCs or setting details as he goes - just kidding, he always does that. You can play Uod without being a Shaman.
  7. System: Lotfp or S&W with my rule additions. Maybe Wonders and Wickedness.
  8. You shouldn’t play this if: You need a strong plot motivation. You think the setting will be more than 30% different from other Uod swamps. You think Sleestak are dumb or googled “Shadowrun + Chicago” after reading this and were revolted in a bad way.