Original move of mindat to the north. their use of heteri cavalry crushed the southern advances of the chlendi, ending their imperial expansion. Signaled uprising mu the Maetah, who control of north sea fiefs through resettlement of large populations. Made famours XXXXX, cagey Minday military strategist and XXX, Heteri cavalry leader, who later defected to Maetah villages just north of Ghikarn.

Mindat invasion of Southern Eschaltli. Crushed in last ditch offensive in XXXXX Mountains. Corrodinaltion with revolution in Jakinta. Combat on both fronts disrupted social order in northern Mindat and labor and imported supplies became scarce. This spelled the end of the Mindat domination of the Heteri, as the few surviving Mindat forces regrouped to defended their few eastern ports on the Jakinta coastline.