Just over a thousand years ago, in the face of the encroaching Mindat forces, the Chlendi and Maetah communities of the Northern Rhiat formed an alliance. After watching the city-states of their longtime Heteri foes crumble under the might of the Mindat reptilian cavalry, the Maetah were quick to subjugate themselves to the leadership of the Chlendi. They made this pact in the presence of Esk, the Chlendi Spirit of Law and Truth, naming their alliance the Eschlatli, or “People of Righteousness”. They were able to stall the Mindat advance, and capture the lands now comprising Vensat, Nipend, Balaconth, and northern areas traditionally under Heteri control. The last remnants of the Eschalatli polity crumbled 200 years ago after the succession and independence of a culturally and geographically dispersed states.