Traditional Sorcery and Maetah Magic

Tutelary Spells

Tutelary Spells are available to casters regardless of cultural tradition.

Level 1

Level 2

Traditional Sorcery

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Spell Descriptions

Blood Blessing of Musthyoch

Magician, 1st Level - Precept of Fury
Duration: 1 turn + 1 turn/level Range: Touch

Description: By the blood of a sow, a blade is blessed.

A sow or other beast is killed while chanting a prayer to Musthyoch. The blood from the death blow is applied to an blade or other edged weapon, enhancing its ability to take life. The weapon is considered magical and provides a +1 bonus to hit and damage. With each caster level the duration can be split to affect multiple weapons instead (2nd level = 2 turns for one weapons, 2 weapons for 1 turn).

Coven’s Vengeance

Magician, 1st Level - Precept of Fury
Duration: Instantaneous
Range: 50’+ 5’/level

Casting of this spell requires blood - a pint or more for the uninitiated, but just a serious (1hp damage) cut to oneself for those trained in the tradition. Upon the spilling of blood and whispering of words, bolts of a viscous red-blood like enemy surge forth towards the desired target(s). The bolts will always hit if the target can be seen, regardless of cover or engagement. A shield spell or similar will absorb the attack.

Upon hitting, each bolt does 1d4+1 points of damage. A second cut (or pint) will increase the damaged to 1d4+2 points. A magician of 3rd level generates 2 bolts of the viscous energy, and 3 bolts upon attaining 5th level. Bolts can directed between multiple targets. Each additional bolt loosed requires additional sacrifice of blood. No saving throw is allowed.


Magician, 2st Level - Precept of Fury
Duration: Instantaneous
Range: 100’

Causes foe with range to vomiting up blood and bile, and requires a save vs spells. If failed they take 2d6 points of damage and can act in the next round as they drog to their knees in agony. A successful saving throw results in half damage and allows the target to act normally.

The Red Mark

Magician, Level 2 Precept of Knowledge
Duration: 1 day/caster level
Range: Touch

By mixing a pinch of soil and a drop of the sorceror’s blood, the next person touched can be tracked. All it takes is the touch a fingertip, and the mark can will remain, even if the target washes the spot off. At any time the sorceror can determine the target’s general distance and direction save vs magical devices.

Strength of the Unplowed Earth

Magician, Level 2 Precept of Milieu
Duration: 3 turns + 1 turn/level
Range: touch

This charm was common among early farmers and laborers. A lucky stone found before plowing was kept in the mouth after invoking the blessing of Thedine. It would provide strength and endurance all day long.

Spell provides d6 hit points and +2 bonus to melee damage rolls and other rolls involving physical strength (opening doors, lift gates, etc). A +1 bonus to both hit points and strength rolls if a semiprecious stone is used, which then harmlessly disolves when the spell ends.

Uzhidohmi’s Vision of Night

Magician, Level 3 Precept of Bliss
Duration: 1 turn + 1 round/level
Range: 10’/level

The target is enchanted to see and be bedazzled by a myriad blinking lights/stars. If they fail a save vs spells, they stand dazed, looking at the heavns and effectively unable from defending themselves.