The Magosh of Sofegai

“We had been waiting. The same day we toppled the Mindat control of our cities, he arrived”

The day the Heteri people claimed their independence, The Magosh entered the ruling keep of Sofegai. He has held that seat as vuhwul of Sofegai for 200 years.

There were concerns at first. Despite being a man of the north, he studied under the Mindat scholars, enemies of the Heteri. Servants claimed he did not sleep and was a hermaphrodite. Stubs of horns were apparent beneath his hair, and his massive jaws and teeth matched the frame that towered over the largest of Heteri men.

Despite the questions and rumours, no one challenged him. During his reign he has rebuilt the city walls to greater heights, erected new temples to the gods and while ruling the region with an iron fist is beloved by his citizens. The Magosh claims to have the blood of Utan the Destroyer flowing in his veins, and every night lights braziers in the keep to honour the Coal God. The people are content.