Favod the Younger

A lifelong native of Imphomonee, Favod the Younger was the most sought after artist of the previous century. His father, Favod the Elder, was a sculptor of middling talent who kept the family well off with statuary for the Eskla nobles of the city. In an attempt to woo the heart of a crushed dame, Favod the Younger first attempted the arts by creating a deathmask of the girl’s fallen brother. The magnificent construction won him the favour of the girl and her whole family, and soon Favod the Younger was the famous artist of the city. Due to the nature of his work, wealthy families would transport him in advance of the demise of fading relatives and keep him in Opulent surroundings.Pieces of his work exists in mansions and museums all along the Minkush River Valley, and his success enable Favod to purchase an immense structure overlooking the falls in Imphomonee. For a few years, it became fashionable to hold masked balls where the courtiers would were faux-deathmasks of themselves.

It is said that in his later days, Favod took on an apprentice, who created a deathmask of Favod himself. The mask has never been seen outside Favod’s family, and no other works of the unnamed apprentice have come to light.