Shaman-Monks of Pasdani

A particularly slow moving river branch flows down from the mountainsnorth of Pugshlow, and merges into the Minkush River at the town of Pasdani. If one walks upstream for a mile, you can see the river suddenly change from a virulent green to the normal muddy brown of the Minkush waters. Various scholars attribute the green colour to the swamp vegetation or mountain ores from the river’s source, but few are satisfied with an explanation of why the colour disappears so suddenly. At that spot, the earth is dead and salted - no plants grow, and no animal approach the waters to drink.

A sect of monks, learned in the Chlendi traditions of sorcery and shamanism, have devoted their existence to prayers and chants at this spot, all to placate the Nuxad, a flock of river spirits known throughout the northwest. Unlike most areas, here the Nuxad are not peaceful and wise. For centuries that have lashed out at passing travelers, boats, and the more innocent of deer, dragging them all to a watery death in retribution for long forgotten wrongs done years ago. The source of the anger is unknown, but the Shaman-Monks of Pasdani have found the proper rites to keep the Nuxad at peace. Please drop a coin in their offering pot when you pass by.