Laxotli Oracles

The Chlendi people first ventured south to the swampy shores of the Rhiat 500 years ago. Despite condemnations of their elders, members of the Clan of the Black Lily listened to the prophecies of an oracle - one blinded to the sight of spirits but open to the sight of the future. They narrowly escaped the pox that would ravage their homeland.

Ever since, the Chlendi have kept a keen eye for the sign of oracles. Female descendants of the original oracle, Laxotli, are kept in isolation, bred according to complex lineage charts in hopes they will bear the next bringer of truth. It is said the oracles speak with spirits will still and the womb and learn the arts of prescience, thus not needing the arts of Chlendi sorcery. Those born with six fingers are said to the mark of augury, and are denied their mother’s milk. By stunting the physical growth, the oracle shall focus his vision.

When the amberite mines of Asklor went dead, the Laxotli knew. When the city-now-called-Minkaraph fell to the Mindat, the few Laxotli resident had fled weeks before. Now they flock to the towns of Pugshlow and Imphomonee, looking for those born with extra teeth.