Chlendi Pantheon

The Chlendi are animists. They believe everyone and everything has it’s own spirits. Theologians have constructed elaborate hierarchies and taxonomies of the spirits, and various factions, sects, and classes of Chlendi society have elevated or worshiped particular spirits or groups of spirits above others, referring to them as Gods (or similar terms). Some were worshiped as nearly deific, why others were ectoplasmic slaves to be ordered about by any within and inkling of magickal skill. Most mainstream Chlendi theologists posit that attention and worship of spirits gives them energy, making them in a substantial metaphysical sense, more powerful.

The details of the Chlendi cosmology and origin myth vary slightly depending on its source, Colonial and Motherland Direct. In either case, the essence is the same. Spirits from across the universe were drawn (or had their attention drawn) to the world at the time of its creation 1. The formation of the planetary sphere created thousand of ‘omnessence’ lines (similar to ley lines) between Rhiat (the continental region) and other stars. The confluence of these lines formed around constellations, creating numerous gates, which sucked spirits and souls to the sphere 2.

Other versions of the creation story retell a particular spirit creating Rhiat, thus calling his/her spirit servants (or family, comrades, or slaves) to the sphere. The exact form of the tale will vary with the speaker, their religion, and their favoured deities relationship to the other gods and spirits. Followers of Thedine are apt to retell the story as a tale of Thedine’s slavery, and triumph over his spiritual Chlendi lords. Thedine of the Argaevaligne, was a spirit of honor and dedication, worshiped by slaves working lands to the east of the Empire.

The Chlendi bury their dead in subterranean tombs of stone. Because this is not practical in the swamps, individuals are submerged and covered in cairns of stone, often nearby deceased family members. Chlendi faith posits that the dead dwell amongst the spirits, often working for them in the spirit realm. The most renown of Chlendi mystics and warriors people objects of worship themselves. Ancestors and favoured spirits are idolized in small clay or metal figures that are kept at home or carried by travelers. They mastered the arts of summoning and astrology, building shrines along veins of mystical ores. Their most prized material is amberite, a golden translucent rock which is carved into jewelry, idols, and other religious object.

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  1. The original telling in the Motherland describes this event occurring at the creation of the Chlendi people, but leaves the details of their origins vague. 

  2. Here we have mention of the origin of the Chlendi (and possibly other sentient) species. Instead of simple lines, the connection between places of magickal energy upon the surface and multiple stars in constellations created a three-dimensional vortex of energy. The spirits drawn onto the sphere are superhuman, in the vein of gods, angels, and djinn. The souls are the essence of ‘humanity’, and their presence enabled the Chlendi race to rise from inert matter.