Adbone exterior with wood and stone support. Square or round structures with roof top porches or domes. Exteriors are often painted in geometrical patterns, or tiles with stone or ceramics. Typicall two or three stories, although wealthier landowners will build taller strutures when the lot base allows. Interiors are usually plastered and painted in a less conservative manner. Many show off the wealth or style of the ower. Florplasn are done radially, with a central room for dining or socializing. Short hallways connect to personal ares, or rooms made for speciallied purpises such cooking, crafts or storage. Houses are sized for a nuclear family, plus room for visitors or a few extended family members. It is common for the poor and thr wealthy to build additions to the radial structure out of need (the poor) or ostentasiousness (the wealthy) for more family members. There is little difference in the material construction of the hoes of different classes. However larger upper class homes often have a heavier stone foundation or ground level to support expansion of upper floors.