Vennosat is a small collection of coastal cities and towns on a peninsula south of Argaevaligne, where the Minkush River empties into the Sea of Storms. Vennosat City sits at this delta, and the city of Noduan is to the southwest at the tip of the peninsula. Originally a collection of small Heteri fishing towns, the mouth of the river became a strategic point for the Mindat in their move north. The communities developed as the Mindat took advantages of the fine inland timber and skills of the local shipwrights. After the Mindat had retreated, Vennosat became a nominal province under the burgroning Eskla Empire. It rapidly grew to be the major shipping and trade port to the communities of the south, and the favoured wintering spot of the Chlendi nobles. Today Vennosat is led by Chair-Governor Venras Ducat, who is appointed by the heads of the major merchant and noble houses. Although the construction has a distinct Mindat influence, Vensat is a mix of cultures, ethnicities, and faiths. Vensa, a pastiche of old Chlendi and Heteri, is the primary language, but most townsfolk know enough of the major tongues to get by.

Cities and Towns