The Plaguelands

The plaguelands are west of the mountains that formed the offical border of the Chlendi Empire. Expiditions founded by those traditionalists who fought the reign of Voyiditl of the Lily Crown, battled their way through the terrors of the hills into the blasted plains to the west. They founded towns and fortresses at the edge of the sandy steppes that were dotted with the towers of exiled Mindat sorcerors. When the plagues struck through the Chlendi, the colonies had no access to the traditional herbal cures known in the jungles and swampy lands. The infected legions journeyed west to the coastal palace-kingdom of Jibido, but were turned away in fear.


Aside from Jibido, small villages of Chlendi and Eskla blood still exist. Most subside on herds of animals, and the few crops which grow in the rocky, dry soil. The economy is primarily barter through exchange of food and labour. Whiel they might recognize the coins for foreign lands, gold and silver are of little use here. A small roster of spirits are honoured, and most Chlendi credit them for their continued survival.

Important Cities

Jibido - City of Mindat founded at the point of the Western Peninsula of the Rhiat. Prison colony built to oversee the exiled priests and sorcerors. The Mindat feared executing those who possessd great calentures from the old gods. Justicars in the Mindat homeland still receive annual updates from the palace guard, stating that few of the prisoners have died, despite exceeding the normal human lifespan centuries ago.