Narrosh lies in the mountainous northwest corner of Ghikarn. It is ruled over by the Vuhwul Ergror Nikai, whose Verdant Valley clan has ruled the city since before the Mindat occuptation. The Punluggai tribes of the region how sway beyond the mountains, and have their Maetah slaves bring tribute of grains and crops to the city. Night and day, weary pale-skinned slaves carry massive baskets of goods through the eastern mountain passes for the city coffers.

Narrosh is known for two things: Slaves and Coal. The same Maetah slaves carrying goods into city are funnelled into the market, which maintains the largest slave trading ring on the continent. From Narrosh most are sent south to Sofegai, or west to Bolog, a vassal city-state that supplies foodstuffs and other staple goods rare in the mountains.

The mountains surrounding Narrosh provide a steady supply of coal and ore, and all the mercantile clans of the city pay the Coal God homage for these gifts. The city center is dominated by a massive temple complex for the worship and study of Hilinavyu, the Coal God, Lord of Earth, Fire, Home an Hearth, and the Secrets of the Mountain. Great braziers line the city walls and tops of temples, burning day and night, and no one can enter either of the city gates without walking between massive statues of Hilinavyu, carved out the mountain itself. The Vuhwul’s clan are ardent scholars of the Secrets of the Mountain, and it is said the shining black coal eyes in every city statue are the eyes of Nikai watching you.