Imphomonee is built around a set of prodigious waterfalls, the bane of the potential trade power of the Minkush River. The city guards a series of locks, canals, and portages developed to control and overcome these geographical limitations. Cutback and tiered roads lead up the hill on the west side of the falls from the lower to the upper city. The city militia’s citadel sits at the base of the hill, regulating all traffic between the quarters. To the east, a series of towers are built upon outcrops from the cliff-face. Along the upper quarter a massive wall stretches along either side of the Minkush. The remnants of an archway reach precariously across the river from the eastern side, and towers dot the wall every 50 yards.

Imphomonee considers itself the northern barrier of the Auld South, a bastion of of culture and civility compared to its upriver sister city, Jegelumuth. Strict rules on class mixing still apply, city quarters exist for a reasons, and blades are limited to the noble or knighted.

Imphomonee is ruled by Duchess Iphia Commun, the latest regent in the Commun clan that has ruled Imphomonee since the height of the Eskla Empire. Imphomonee is on good relations with Vennosat City and Minkarapht, but finds themselves at odds with Cuvauw and Jegeldumuth (their northern rival) due to ancient ties to the Jeweler’s guild.



Notable Families and Clans