Givos is a coastal fishing town, traditionally disputed by the Balancont and the rules of Teldarpha (in eastern Ghikarn’gai). While its harbour welcomes foreign vessels, the rocky outcroppings that populate it prevented the community from become a major trade port,and remains largely the province of fishing vessels. It has become a popular stopping point for seaborn trade vessels, who anchor in the outer bay and take small skiffs into town for supplies and refreshments.

Currently occupied by the Goblin Queen’s forces, it is nominally rules by Mivuhwul Isasnias Koman, the middle-aged burgher of fine ancestry who acts as a puppet to the local Captain Nivinak. Isanias demonstrated his loyalty by killing the previous Mivuhweul in the city square. Givos, for an unknown radon, was one of the first communities targetted when the goblins rose to the surface.

Despite the crumbling walls and downtrodden residents, Givos still welcomes peaceful travellers and merchants, so long as they keep clear of the goblin occupying force. Discreet travellers can find lodging at the White Witch inn, two blooks in from the east gate. The sorcerer’s lodge of Duslandgarot is still active, but only with a skeleton staff. They are said to be in the good graces of the gobllin Queen.

The city is a mix of Eskla and Heteri ethnicities, and most buildings are small houses of stone and peat, barely able to withstand the stormy summer season.

Illness has set in around the region. Street vendors sell elaborate “plague masks” and cures with a variety of effectiveness. Some question whether the “plague cures” are actually being used to infect more people. The streets are barren at night, save for the burning piles of corpses.

Campaign note: Fever progressed - number of people coughing, wheezing, and hacking slowly increased through sessions.