Ancient Heteri kingdom now embroiled in civil war. Rebellion lead by members of the Punluggai political party, who allied with the Mindat during their occupation of the Heteri city-states. Ethnically Heteri, with mixed blood to the west, and Mindat influence in the south. Most follow the Heteri pantheon, though the Cult of the Mother Serpent is prevalent along in eastern coastal communities. Other religions are tolerated with the exception of the adherents to the White Book, which are treated as heretics. Important products include cattle, horses, leather goods, pottery, and agriculture.

The nation is seen as three conceptual regions: the coastal cities, the southern/Mindat borderlands, and the central plains/frontier. The lands of the Ghikarn (Ghikarn’gai) have always been a loose confederation of sorts between ruling Heteri nobility. At a time before the Eschlatli, Chlendi and Maetah, the Heteri lords ruled over most of the Rhiat. While engaged in centuries of sporadic warfare with the Shn-Kvaurth to the southwest and the goblin tribes that poured forth from the hills in the north, the Heteri Kings enslaved the chikarza nomads and brutalized any encroaching forces of the Mindat.

Notable Cities and Towns