Cuvauw is a small city that sits at the edge of the hills south of Argaevaligne, where the head of the Eastward waters leaves the mountains. A few small fishing villages and towns line the river downstream to Minkarraph. High in the mountains, yet protected from the brutal North Sea storms, Cuvauw was a favoured summering spot for the noble and wealthy at the height of the Eschlatli Empire. The town was originally built to support a mining colony, whose endeavors still produce great wealth in ores and gems for the region. With the Goblin invasion to the south Cuvauw has become the largest free community in Balancont, and consequently harbors many noble families of the region, and is building a sizable military presence to defend them.

Cuvauw is ruled by Comte Mlash Revuud, cousin of the ‘King’ of Nipend, and is widely thought to be stern but just. He is advised by the sage Ocurod, and his uncle, a priest of Thedine. Ocurod is known as acolyte of Ri-Ephond (Lord of the Earth), the traditional patron deity of Cuvauw. In recent years, rumour has is that the Comte is merely following the orders of his brother Duke Naffan, a former ruler of Balancont now in exile from the Goblin Invasion.

Cuvauw straddles the streams and falls that join just outside the city walls and run west through the midst of the city. Docks, market squares, and small canals line the waterway, as well as a central bridge that leads north to the palace, militia barracks, and fortified mine entrances. Two great towers from the smelting houses tower over the southern side and the sight of their plumes of smoke can be seen from miles away. Butchering, timbering, and other industries reside in the Southern Ward as well and much of the lower class housing.

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