Ancient Heteri community at the base of Moniin peask at one end of the Cuvauw Pass. The hills behind the small city are lined caves and tunnels and contain the Grand Temple of Hilinavyu. It is ruled by the Vuhwul (‘king’ or ‘chief’) Solok of the Smoking Thunder, who is descended from the Luggai Heteri tribes. His only daughter was to marry the lord of Akklai Point, but was killed during the goblin invastion. Solok is fiercely independent of both the Ghikarn’gai revolts and the goblins, and has close ties with the Temple of Hilinavyu to this end. Bolog maintains good relations with Argaevaligne, Cuvauw, and other independent communities near Balancont.

The city of Bolog is a sprawling mess, with neighborhoods running up and down the hills, with towers lining the highest peaks. In honour of the city’s patron, Hilinavyu, great coal braziers are lit on hilltops and city walls during every new moon, as well as the feast of their god. It’s ancient inner gates are lined with huge boulders rolled down from the hills, upon which molten iron and chunks of slag were thrown to cool. The populace is predominately Heteri, although there is no extensive clan presence outside that of Smoking Thunder. Even in other ethnic neighborhoods, Heteri style clan markers are used upon gates and entraceways. Despite the predominance of Hilinavyu and worship of the rest of the Heteri pantheon, the city is remarkable tolerant of other faiths, though the small Thedine presence is limited to insular churches.

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