Akklai Point

Great Heteri city built upon the cliff edge overlooking the sea and a hidden bay, founded by Coweulz of the Naggai Tribe. Noted for the outlying fortresses running along the coast, the machinery connecting the cliffs to the ports below, and most of the great spire of stone jutting up and outward from the cliff face. In old days, offerings to the sea gods were thrown from this spire to the waves and rocks below. Paupers and heartbroken lovers still end there lives from this spot regularly.

Akklai Point is the capital of Balancont, even despite it’s goblin rule. The subordinate clan of the region, the Broken Waterserpents, brokered deals with the goblins below and aided their conquest of the fortresses and clanhouses. They believed that the deal would break the stranglehold of Heteri clans that had sold out to the Eskla Aristocracy and allow a revitalization of ancient Heteri glories. They were wrong.

During the final wars of the Eskla Empire, the city walls collapsed, killing much of the population. Grand structures have been rebuilt on the hills and high point, each once ruled by the leige of an aristocratic clan. Travel between these hills is maintained by huge stone bridges and fleets of nimble, yet ornate ships.




In the outskirts of Akklai Point, canals run our from the creeks and stream beds feeding raised fields in almost mockery of traditional Chlendi agriculture.

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