Raised Maetah

** If you were raised Maetah… **

In Argaevaligne:

Home & Food

Your largest meal is at midday. Rest and replenish for another afternoon of work. You don’t consider dogs or horses to be food. Swine, fish, fowl, rice, and leafy vegetables are common ingredients. It is uncommon to kill your own food, unless your an adult in a swine raising family. You have probably fished though or perhaps killed a chicken once or twice. Families eat together, or you eat with you shift in the fields. A thatched hut to protect from elements at minimum, but your family probably has an old table with benches or stools at home. Rice and fruit wines are common, as are distilled spirits in the evening. A variety of plant leaves may be smoked or chewed relaxing. Chamberpots are common in villages, through families with larger holdings may have an outpost. There are strict rules about latrine construction in the fields and in rural areas.

Work & Travel


Entertainment & Aesthetics

Weapons and Warfare