A bit of clarification on Maetah kinship. The Maetah traditionally did not have clans in the sense of Heteri and Chlendi social organization. They tied ancestry to direct lines, rather than the groups of lineages used by the Heteri and Chlendi. As they were conquered and assimilated by the Chlendi a few of the practices intermixed. The Chlendi term for clan, “qod”, saw use, though most “clans” were simply lineages of higher status. In the time of the Chlendi dominated these clans were almost exclusively owners of lands, rather than the lineages of peasants and sersf that worked the lands. As the Eskla Empire bloomed and time progress, lower class lineages imitated the wealthy and began calling their family or lineage a clan, often creating fictional legends surrounding a founder.

Among wealthy Maetah families, clan markers are in a manner like those of the Clendi and Heteri; the marking of doors, gates and entrances. In this case the form is of a single pillar or obelisk. The pillar is drapped with a banner engraved with runes decsribing the clans role or history.

Maetah “clan” sigils are simple drawings of lines, dots, and curves, enclosed by a circle. The sigils of Maetah sorcerers, leaders, deities, and spirits use similar elements, but are enclosed in a downward pointing triangle.

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