Common Headwear Styles in the Rhiat

Hats are generally forbidden in Argaevaligne. The nobility may choose to wear styles they prefer, and the Church of Thedine has its own ritual garb. Hoods, often lines with furs, are the typical hearwear among the lowerclasses. Helms are only allowed when blade is worn on belt. There are ornate style of hair braiding, and beads and other jewelry are often woven in.

Modern fashions have evolved from the Mindat “brimmed bowler style”. In the south, many Heteri have taken to wearing a wide, flatbrimmed version to shield from the sun. Along the coast, this same style is worn, in fancier materials, with the brim pinned up in the front or sides. The height of fashion is now in Vennosat, and the Minkush River Valley cities, where nobles and fops try to outdo each other with ornate, uncomfortable hats of expensive materials, lace trim, and rare feathers and embelishments.