Raised Chlendi


If you were raised Chlendi…

(This assumes an upbring in traditional Chlendi lands, and is somewhat less applicable among Chlendi neighborhoods in the Minkush Cities or Vennosat)

Home & Food

Your largest meal is mid-day, or whenever there’s a big catch. You don’t consider dogs or horses to be food. Fish, snails, shellfish, fungi, insects, and reptiles are though. Killing your own food is pretty common, unless you’ve got kids to do it for you. You eat at a small table, sitting on the floor or cushions, with your family or close clan members. Herbal liquors and swamp lemon wine are common beverages. Your home has a wooden floor, and the “outhouse” is a curtained area off the back of the porch.

Work & Travel

You work a little every day, enough to catch some food, make some crafts, or tend the garden. You’ve been a few days away from home ever couple years for clan gatherings. You may have been to Asklor or Minkaraph is your family contains a sorceror.


You have a firepit or steam heart at home, which is heated 4-6 months of the year, sometimes only at night. Winters are cool and wet, Summers are warm and wet. Spring is just plain wet. Storms are common in the north, and most coastal populations venture inward to visit clan members during the fall and winter.


Typical jokes target the Maetah, manual laborers, and people of “the south”. Informal entertainment is storytelling and legends. Most clan play an instrument, though there are few traditional songs. Once or twice a year, you’ll attend a large clan gathering or go crawling for amberite.

Weapons and Warfare

You’ve seen traders or cityfolk with pistols or rifles, but they’re pretty worthless out in the wetness of the swamps. You don’t own a sword, but you’ve a fishing spear and plenty of knives around. Seeing people die is pretty rare, except for the sick and elderly. You have probably never killed someone. To be continued…