This is an old copy of the Glossary file. As I continue to move to the Wikipedia format, we’ll have a full alphabetic listing of entries. For the time being, this page consists of items “not listed elsewhere.”

Astrology – Not fortune telling or simply divination through the stars, Astrology is the method of achieving change through attunement and manipulation of astral/etheric forces. Astrology as a form of divination is a perception of changes (often made by other astrologers) in these forces.

Bajji - Garlic tasting root, known for its regenerative properties in some species. Delicate and easily bruised, it was be cut and administered by someone with apothecary skill.

Black Wind - One of the Lost Ciirapti(q.v.) of the South.

Bequest - Inherited magickal or spiritual power.

Calenture - A connection with the spiritual plane. Seem by some as physical ecstasy, others as contact with the Gods. It can be found in the blood of mortals and the breath of sorcerers.

Chthonic Bond - pact with extraplanar/preternatural being in exchange for power or service.

Children of the Highest - A lineage of sorcerers and seers among the Mindat, who are said to be descended from mortal-bound spirits. Led the revolts against the temples and brought about the eventual downfall of the Great Faiths among the Mindat.

Cumach - small scar or bump in the central forehead of mystics and some sorcerers.

Consumptia - powers obtained through eating of certain body parts.

Ciirapti - Chlendi term for a magickal skill. Common ciirapti include Invocation and Glamour.

Dushanni - People of the West, only known about from legend.

Eidolon - the divine or supernatural fragment that is part of the character; the “higher (or lower) self”, In some traditions a layer of the soul which exists on a different plane of existence forming a conduit to the material pnae by which magickal energies can be harnessed. See Theurgy.

Fetish - A minor magicakl item bound to a single, particular wizard, priest, or mystric through a Dedication (q.v.) Rite or Spell. Fetishes are required for the use of certain spells, rituals, or magical feats. A Fetish can be rendered mundane through a Banishing Rite (q.v.) or the dedication ritual of another magic user. Fetishes can take many forms, and will register as magical to detection spells and powers.

Ghul - Followers of the Way of the Flesh, who believe that consuming the flesh and bone of sorcerers, mystics, and magical creatures will bestow immortality.

Haruspimancy - Divination through the interpretation of animal entrails.

Magickian - general term for someone with magickal ability.

Maniea Saghhit - Great city of South, center of the Mindat Empire. Rival to the ancient Heteri city of Veldedomush.

Nimbus - The aura, or visual embodyment of magickal power visible to most magickians.

Uod - common name for the world in which Rhiat is the central landmass.

Pact - formal obligation to deity or other supernatural power, typical extra-planar. In exchange for vows of worship, service, and fealty, powers are given.

Prana - Magickal energy, specifically that in organic substances.

Sarpha Cult - Worshippers of a giant stone idol located in a Ghikarnaggai city along the Red Coast.

Sorcery - General magickal study pioneered by the Maetah. Correspondes most closely with Arcane Magick, and is work primarily through incantations or dweomers. Comprised of five theoretical divisions, or Precepts: Bliss (Atâm Ushre), Essence (Melani Ushre), Knowledge (Sheira Ushre), Milieu (Osh Ushre), and Fury (Tzhakos Ushre).

Theurgy – Hermetic form of magick guided by meditation, self discipline, and the invocation of the empyreal essense of one’s self. At the highest form, the Theurgist maintains contact with a physical manifestation of the eidolon.

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Warlock - magickian who gains power through a pact with extra-planar entity, usually of a foul nature.